Our know how in development of Private and Government Mandatory Personnel Certification schemes for:

Technical jobs
Cranes                   Crane Drivers*
Asbestos               Inspectors/ Supervisors/ Removers*
Welders                 Welding Inspectors/ Welding Coordinators

Composites           Pipe Jointers/ Supervisors/ Inspectors for GRP/GRE RTR pipes
Scaffolders            Scaffolders/ Inspectors/ “BIS-Professional Workforce label”

Refrigeration          Experts

Insulation               Fitters


Safety related
Labor                    Health and Safety- key experts

                              Higher Safety Experts/ Labor hygienist / OHS and Organization experts*

Hi / low voltage    Basic protection/ Supervisors/ Inspectors/ Operators/ Electricians
Safety                   Basic Elements of for own and contractor personnel SCC (B-SCC)/VCA
Safety                   For Operational Supervisors (SCC-SOS-SCC)/VCA)
Risk analyzing     Risk advisors for insurance companies

Real estate             Real estate Brokers (Private/Industrial/Agriculture estates)

Coaching                Professional job coaches/Career management

Mediation                Mediators
Teaching staff        Teachers/ Examiners /Assessors/ Trainers

Trainers / Teachers can be the Ambassador of Students future jobs”.  

As co-founder of foundation SPONed, we develop and implement Personnel Certification schemes for Teachers and education related professionals. (www.sponed.nl)


Lifelong Learning process; an important aspect of Human nature.

“Lifelong Learning = Lifelong Earning”


Services can be delivered on site and on distance.


Let’s exchange knowledge & experiences to move into a safe & sustainable future, supported by competent people.